Eugene is well-known for being a city where just about everybody runs. You’ve probably heard of the city via its other name, Tracktown, USA. It’s rare to be here and not see residents running, hiking or biking. Speaking of biking, in Eugene it’s the preferred mode of transportation! Along with a great bus rapid transit system and a large percentage of its electricity supply coming from wind power, the city has earned another nickname, the Emerald City.

Whether it’s because of the beautiful views in the city, to the Willamette River, cutting through the University of Oregon or the many great parks and trails, just about every inch of Eugene is a sight to see.

There’s a reason why Eugene is also known for being the “Running Capital of the World”, the city’s history and culture is deeply running involved, from being the host city of the Olympic Team track and field trials to Nike being founded here and not to mention the city’s many fantastic running trails and paths.

That’s why we here at Envirorun knew Eugene made perfect sense as the next city to be a part of our community.