Launch of Envirorun as a National Nonprofit

Unveiling of new brand, founding sponsors and 2017 speaker series

Since 2013, Envirorun has been bringing people together from across sectors and disciplines in the environmental field to connect and find common ground, and in turn, develop solutions for the good of all. Envirorun’s tagline — Building a greener world one stride at a time — hints to a runner’s stride as well as the deeper meaning of building collaboration within the environmental community to develop much-needed solutions to protect people and planet.

Tomorrow, in Lincoln, Nebraska, Envirorun launches as a national nonprofit. Envirorun’s first chapter was founded in Washington, DC, and since then new chapters include Lincoln, Nebraska, and Eugene, Oregon (launching 2017). Envirorun’s founding organization, Carson+Co Global, is a strategic communications and marketing consultancy for the sustainability sector. Carson+Co is focused on “advancing access to impact” or helping advance environmental cooperation, education, and outreach through their work with clients and partners.

While living and working in DC, Jamie Carson, Envirorun founder and CEO of Carson+Co Global, was exposed to a deep challenge facing the environmental sector:

“How do we take a diverse set of viewpoints, goals, and work streams across sectors and disciplines and integrate it in a way that we work better together to break down the silos,” Carson said. “We need to consolidate our efforts to build critical mass and make a bigger impact on the ground.”

When scientists have more than 95 percent consensus that our climate is warming at an alarming rate, innovative solutions are critical, Carson said.

“Climate change, natural resources, urbanization, and sea level rise, for example, are very real challenges and we have a long way to go in rethinking the way we live in and build communities. There are collaborative efforts and partnerships that have been successful, but many more of these lasting relationships are needed to make a difference,” Carson said.

With Envirorun’s focus on combining fitness and networking, problem-solving and relationship building – especially when in nature – comes more naturally. The ability for these envirorunners to engage on a deeper level is one of the reasons Envirorun has been a success.

During the past four years, Envirorun has held more than 70 events between its DC and Lincoln chapters, helped spread the word about countless organizations, introduced professionals to new job opportunities, partnered with multiple organizations to help advance their mission, and educated others through its active social media channels on Twitter (@envirorun) and Facebook (@envirorun).

With the evolution of the organization, the team saw an opportunity to refine Envirorun’s brand identity, while keeping true to its heritage. The new logo features the winged shoe from the original brand, redrawn to have a sharp and dynamic appeal, yet keeping the details that tie Envirorun to the natural elements we treasure, namely the water drop that joins the wing and shoe. Envirorun now sports a bright green as the primary brand color, and this combined with the green globe on which the winged shoe is centered speaks to the group’s mission of building a greener world… one stride at a time.

Thank you to the Envirorun Lincoln founding sponsors, including the City of Lincoln, Mayor of Lincoln Chris Beutler, Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development, Nebraska Civic Engagement Table, Nebraskans for Civic Reform, Red Dirt Running Company, The Lincoln Running Co.

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